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Where is your Self-Care?

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Think about what really makes you happy. Make time for it.

Be cautious if your answer is, "I am busy", remember it is you who chooses what you have to be busy with.

Sometimes we work so hard for others that we start resenting the amount of time and effort we put into them.

While sacrificing our rest and peace we inadvertently also make others dependent on us and unknowingly harm them in the long run.

For example, teenagers are pretty capable of fixing their own food, yet, we get pleasure out of endlessly cooking and cleaning for them (or feel compelled to do so). As a result, we disable them. If instead, we ignore some of their demands, they will feel compelled to look after themselves. We will be giving them skills for life instead of providing them with gourmet food for a day.

Many times the excuse is that they are busy. Well then isn't that even more reason to let them learn how to prioritize? Let them have a productive struggle. You will be surprised by their capability if you do not walk around as a constant safety net for them. Let them fall and learn instead of taking away learning opportunities from them.

The same goes for work. If you habitually start taking on other peoples' burdens, you devalue your own time. You send a message that their leisure time is more precious than yours and/or that they are less capable and only you can do that work. If someone always asks you to do more and more, invest time in teaching them the required skill instead of getting stuck in the grunt work.

In all your interactions, enable others to fish, stop fishing for them.

So, what are you doing for yourself today?


  • Your body and soul will feel better.

  • Your energy levels as well as your efficiency will go up. You will able to get more done if you take care of yourself. The result will be similar to re-charging your cell phone.

  • You will have better quality interactions with those around you and will help improve their quality of life. There will be less discord.

  • You will model it for your loved ones and help them follow suit.

  • You will complain less, there will be more positivity in your life.

  • You will be happier!

Feel free to add your comments below to help carry on the discussion and enable others.

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